The world is changing. It can be felt in the wind, in the rain, in the very ground over which you stride.

It is less than 80 years since Asmodeous, Lord of the Nine Hells, ascended to godhood. The world is slowly recovering from that cataclysmic event, and the nations around the Sea of Fallen Stars each are seeking to take advantage of the turmoil left in Asmodeous’s wake.

The Hidden Kingdom of the elves has locked itself away from the world, becoming xenophobic and repressive. The Wisdom, the rulers of Gulthandor Forest, have decreed that outsiders are no longer welcome under their boughs.

In contrast, the nations of the Dominion of Kalion have thrown open their doors. Trade, which was all but non-existent in the aftermath of the cataclysm, has begun anew. And the merchant rulers of the Golden Circle will levy their tithes against all those who sail the waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Always insular, the hill dwarves who make their homes inside the mighty Thay plateau have turned to religion to guide them. The halls of Burning Amruther ring with the sound of chanting, and a prophet, calling himself the First Hammer, calls on every able bodied dwarf to take up his tools, claiming that together they will forge a new world.

Finally, the militaristic Chamic Empire has seized the lands from the Dragonspear Mountains all the way to the Akanpeaks. Held together by the willpower of the Emperor, and an army of bureaucrats, tax collectors and law enforcers (to say nothing of the actual army) one wonders whether the Crown and Stars will one day fly across all of Faerun.

And yet, for all their posturing, faith and war mongering, the nations of the Sea of Fallen Stars are wary. Faerun will never be safe, and in the darker parts of the forests, and high in the mountains, goblins, bandits and worse gather themselves once more.

Meanwhile, a far more potent evil begins to bestir itself. It is wrathful, and its sights are set on Faerun.

The Rise of the Tenth

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