Chamic Empire



The rise of the Chamic Empire is a relatively recent phenomenon. From the fortress city of Ghealdaneth, armies owing their allegiance to the nameless (and, some claim, eternal) Emperor issue forth to expand the his influence.

Founded by Armonius Cham nearly 150 years ago, and bearing his name to this day, the Chamic Empire places great value on order, obedience and dedication to doing one’s duty. Its core philosophy is attractive in its simplicity; for a plan (and by extension, an empire) to be successful, all that is necessary is rigid, unthinking acceptance of one’s role. There is no need for a lowly foot soldier to understand a general’s battle plan, provided they do all that is asked of them by that plan.

This philosophy underpins every aspect of the Chamic Empire. The Chamic bureaucracy is incredibly simple, and incredibly successful. It has allowed them to claim vast swathes of the southern coast in a relatively short space of time.


The fortress city of Ghealdaneth is the seat of the The Chamic Emperor, and the headquarters of the various key elements of the Chamic government. Sitting at the mouth of the Greywater River, where it flows into south-eastern edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, it is a mighty testament to the values of order and obedience.

The Hunters

As a militaristic society, the powers that be in the Empire place great value on the military capabilities of those who wield arcane powers. Hence, the Hunters.

Wielders of arcane powers themselves, the Hunters exist to find, recruit and, if necessary, neutralise, mages who managed to grow to adulthood without being found by recruiters. To be a Hunter is a great honour, for they are trusted with nearly limitless authority in executing their task. However, Hunters are seldom welcome, for, like the rest of the Chamic Empire, they perform their duties without remorse, confident in the knowledge that they fulfil a necessary, if occasionally distasteful, duty.

Chamic Empire

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