The Hidden Kingdom



The elves of the Hidden Kingdom are as ancient as the trees of the forest they call home.

Ruled over by The Wisdom, the Hidden Kingdom has long been a centre for magical study. The trees of Gulthandor forest are saturated in magic, and many of the elves who live there show great aptitude in the magical arts. For generations, the artisans of the Hidden Kingdom created wonderous artefacts that were much prized by the rich and powerful of other lands.

Lately, however, things have changed. Always insular, lately the Hidden Kingdom has become practically closed to outsiders. Merchants have been barred from the outlying towns and villages, and travellers are no longer welcome on the ancient paths through Gulthandor.


Little is known of the great city said to lie deep in the heart of Gulthandor. Outsiders are seldom permitted even to reach its outskirts. Rumour has it those who are turned away are the lucky ones, for they are permitted to leave.

And, strangest of all, the oldest tales mention that the borders, and indeed the city itself, are never quite in the same place twice …

The Hidden Kingdom

The Rise of the Tenth Mendelbean