The Knights of Dawn



The Most Illustrious Order of Helm’s Watchers the Holy Knights of the Dawn (known across the Sea of Fallen Stars simply as the Knights of Dawn) is a holy order of paladins, clerics and like minded do-gooders who come together to rid the land of evil wherever it dwells. The Knights count a great number of heroes among their number, none greater than Gwend, First Watcher and current leader of the Knights.

Shining paragons of good, there is no end to which a Knight will not go to vanquish the shadow of evil. It is said that one Knight could stand alone against the legions of the Abyss, and their hatred of the darkness alone would see them through unscathed.

The Cathedral of Helm

Nestled at the foot of High Seat, the southmost peak of the Aphrunn Mountains, stands the Cathedral of Helm. Carved from the living rock by dwarves from the Thay in the Age of Legends, the Cathedral serves as the mustering house of the Knights. There, they meet to discuss their latest exploits, and plan their next crusades against darkness.

It is to the Cathedral that people journey when a hag has taken residence near their village, or if their children are threatened by a wolf pack that seems too intelligent by far. Not every request can be answered, but every one is listened to.

Those whose desire to vanquish evil’s shadow may well find a home beneath the vaulted ceilings of this great monument to the god of vigilance, if they be deemed pure and worthy.

The Knights of Dawn

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